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Browse our wide selection of the most affordable and top quality commercial gas ranges on the web.

Affordable selection of gas countertop ranges. Perfect for limited kitchen space. Field convertible – natural gas or propane depending on your needs!

Stock Pot Ranges

Boil pasta, cook-up soups, create sauces and much more with our stock pot ranges that are built to withstand the weight of heavy cookware!

Parts & Accessories

Find necessary commercial range accessories like gas hoses, griddle add-ons, casters and more!

Featured Commercial Gas Ranges

Commercial gas ranges or stoves hook up directly to your gas supply, allowing you to perform many cooking tasks. Some of our Kitchen Monkey commercial grade ranges feature an oven base, griddle top and even broiler. In addition we offer gas hookup and other range accessories. Furthermore, we carry heavy-duty stainless steel ranges that are best suited for use in high-volume restaurants.

Commercial Range Parts and Accessories

Stock up on commercial grade range parts & accessories to keep your restaurant range working smoothly:

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